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Tired of New IT – Same old problems?

So are we. So many companies have invested in new Information Technology that isn’t paying off. Yes, there are performance improvements but chronic issues of inadequate Data Protection, workload performance, networking throughput and complexity never seem to go away. Throwing more iron at the problem doesn’t solve for today’s BI and Analytic workloads. Many users love the promise of VDI but haven’t moved in this direction due to perceived complexity and performance challenges to say nothing of up front CapEx investments. Genesis is focused on solving these challenges at the source as efficiently as possible. The result? Improved performance and operational efficiency.


Services and Technologies

Genesis provides consulting services for in place optimization such as SSD/DRAM and NVDIMM upgrades or can facilitate migration to a Hyper-Converged infrastructure or to the cloud.

High ROI Datacenter Productivity

Hyper converged Infrastructure and Cloud migration

Client centered productivity

SSD and DRAM module upgrades enhance performance and IOPs

Extended life for current infrastructure investments

Top of Rack Switches, NICs

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